NEW Product!! Garden Hose Quick Connect Device

Garden Hose Quick Connect Device

Don’t hassle with your water hose connection anymore. Get our 1/4 turn quick connect adapter for your garden hose today!

This quick connect device is designed to easily connect and disconnect without the strain on your hands like normal garden hoses tend to do. This connection is similar to what fire departments use across the world to help increase efficiency. Our quick connect is great for irrigation companies. It allows them to quickly connect up to a faucet getting the job done in only a 1/4 (quarter) turn.

Most irrigation companies, consumers and other related organizations leave their water hoses in harsh environments such as;  extreme heat, extreme cold,  icy or muddy conditions. This will cost an average company or consumer more money in replacing their water hose down the road. Mostly this reason is because of the hassle it takes to connect and disconnect a water hose. No need to leave your hose anymore when its a simple connect and disconnect in only a 1/4 (quarter) turn. Get the 1/4 (quarter) turn quick connect adapter today!  You can safely store your hose away now without the hassle of cross threading or damaging your faucet.


These items come in both style connections of a Male or Female garden hose thread. These items are durable and made form strong aluminum, 6061 Aluminum heat treated to a T-6 temper giving this product a stronger structure. This item is also powder coated with a industrial powder coating to help withstand the elements.