Traffic Guard Portable Removeable Speed Bump

Traffic Guard Portable Removeable Speed Bump

This system is designed to temporarily control traffic flow. Unlike any other portable speed bump on the market, it can be deployed and retrieved in seconds. Its unique patented design allows it to easily conform to virtually any road surface. Use these portable speed bumps to help protect children at pedestrian crossings by controlling vehicle speeds, increasing school zone safety. Other applications that work well for this system are emergency response such as police or fire, utility workers, airport traffic and parking lot safety.

Please note the Traffic Guard was designed as a TEMPORARY traffic calming device to help protect workers & or pedestrians. These units are not meant to be left unattended and are designed to help protect workers and pedestrians in reduced speed areas (15-45mph). These products were not designed for use on high speed roadways and are not meant to be deployed on a full time basis. These are plastic parts and depending on traffic volume, sections may wear out after extended use and need to be replaced.

Portable Traffic Guard is backed with rubber matting, keeping the speed bump securely in place




On demand speed bump, deploy only when needed
Eliminates maintenance problems permanent speed bumps have
No problems for street crews removing snow
Sectioned and hinged so it conforms to uneven surfaces
Comes with a soft, zippered carry bag with handles


Portable Traffic Guard specifications
Length: 10′ (single lane) and 20′ (double lane)
Height: Lowest height on ramp is ¾” high @ 90 degrees, second height change is 2 ¼” long @ 18 degrees with the height @ 1 ½”, finally the top height change is 2 ¼” long @ 8 degrees with the top of a total 1 ¾”.
Material: Durable high grade Poly Propylene material colored yellow
Backing: Rubber matting for securing in place
Stored Dimensions: 10′ (single lane) is 21″ x 9″ at 30 pounds.
20′ (double lane) is 27″ x 9″ at 60 pounds.
Includes: Carrying/storage bag