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Water Theft in the 21st Century

Water Theft has been a major issue in the 21st century as resources become more limited. Water is one of the most needed resources on the planet and as the global population grows so does our need for water.  Over the years water companies and municipalities have battled with water theft from illegal hook ups. These illegal hook ups can cost tax payers nationally up to millions of dollars in lost revenue annually. Not only is the issue about loss of revenue but, also illegal hook ups can introduce contaminates into the water if the hydrant system is not equipped with a back flow preventer.

Water systems in some areas still have outdated lines and these lines are critical to our everyday use. Water lines typically supply water to hospitals, nursing homes, residential homes, apartments, fire and police stations not to mention schools. However, having too many unauthorized open hydrants on a waterline can reduce water pressure in water lines going into homes, hospitals and even for emergency response to fight fires. Theft happens at all hours of the day and with most cities having hydrants in rural areas its harder to locate hydrants that are being used to steal water.

Just ask yourself these two questions. Are you tired of being a victim to water theft? Are you tired of loss of revenue? If you answered yes to either of these questions. The affordable K3 Fire Hydrant Lock is the product for you.  The K3 Fire Hydrant lock is designed to be installed in the field; a typical install takes about 5 mins to complete on a hydrant.

Once installed you are able to secure your hydrant with a pad lock this gives you the ability to provide keys to anyone who needs access to your fire hydrants. When you need to access the hydrant simply remove the pad lock and top lock cover and below it will be a pentagon shaped nut. Next you would use your standardized fire hydrant wrench to turn on the fire hydrant. No need to purchase additional equipment or wrenches, just use your existing fire hydrant wrench.


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