The benefits in responding with storz adapters

Storz Adapters
Storz adapters have been used in firefighting since the early 19th century in Europe and countries around the world. It’s not until over the last few decades have storz adapters gained popularity and are being used more widely in the United States. Storz adapters are still new to some fire departments and are continuing to grow in most fire districts. Storz Adapters help in assisting fire departments with a quicker time in hooking up to a fire hydrant, shaving minutes down to seconds.

Storz Adapters are the best way to improve the fire department response, assisting them to connect up to a water source faster. Usually, the standard method can take up to over a minute long to connect to a fire hydrant. Now, with Storz Adapters it allows you to do this in just a few seconds. The fire department’s time can improve when they arrive on scene and begin hooking up to a hydrant, this helps in saving lives and property. The benefits to Storz Adapters can help with improving of certification or re-certification of the city, town or villages ISO ratings. A bonus feature is it helps contribute savings with home insurance premiums as well.

Having Storz Adapters that are pre-mounted on the fire hydrant will no longer require the fire department to carry the Storz Adapter hydrant bag to a hydrant that is fitted with the correct size storz adapter. (Note: for mutual aid you might still require a hydrant bag with storz adapters if the system is not outfitted with storz adapters.)

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