Water Transfer Manifolds

Water Transfer Manifold

Water transfer manifolds are used for many applications across many industries. Water transfer manifolds play a critical part in delivering water supply from one main line coming in and distributing it out to multiple lines.

Our Water Transfer Manifolds are constructed of high quality 6061 Aluminum, heat treated to a T-6 temper and with 6 brass garden hose nozzles designed for 2.5″ hose connections.





A few examples listed below:

  • Construction sites where you need to split the connection for tool cleaning, mixing, ground softening or filling up trucks.
  • Fire departments  can use water transfer manifolds to bring a supply source to split into smaller connections that could be used to handle smaller task and also could be used to clean equipment or decon.
  • Water Departments are able to use water transfer manifolds when delivering water to events, public crisis, or any construction related sites were multiple connections are needed.

For what ever need you have our water transfer manifolds can assist you. Each water transfer manifold is made right here in the US.

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