Fire Hydrant Storz Adapters and the community benefits.

Fire Hydrant Storz Adapters and the community benefits.


Storz adapters are a great way to outfit a city for emergency response. Storz adapters are great for mutual aid between fire departments. Most fire departments currently carry storz on their trucks when connecting up to a fire hydrant. Storz adapters permanently attached to the hydrant when arriving on scene is the most effective way to continue to deliver rapid response. Additionally, this can help with your ISO rating to save time when connecting up to a fire hydrant. The benefit of improving your ISO rating helps the citizens with the ability to lower home insurance premiums for its communities.



There are two types of storz adapters in the market. One is called an integral storz adapters; which replaces the standard nozzle and is attached by removing the complete nozzle, then reattaching an integral storz in place of the previous nozzle. The other uses the term retro-fit storz adapters. This is added onto the standard nozzle that already exists on a fire hydrant by threading onto the existing nozzle. They both provide a great effective way to outfit your fire hydrant, but usually the biggest difference is cost. Integral storz adapters have a higher cost than the standard retro-fit storz adapters. Most cities order retro-fit to control cost. Municipal Depot provides both items to cities.


What to know before you buy.

Do they meet or exceed the NFPA 1963 Standard?

Is the brand you are purchasing a reputable manufacturer in the industry?

What kind of warranty is provided?

Do these qualify for FEMA Grants?


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