Fire Hydrant Color Coding NFPA 291

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Fire Hydrant Color Coding – NFPA 291 


Currently fire hydrants are painted to identify GPM flow, this is a task that takes time and man power. Usually, the cost is more when you figure in all the materials, labor and how long the paint last before you have to paint again and not to mention the effect on the environment paint can have.


With that being said Municipal Depot currently offers color coding plastic signs that fit on the hose nozzle sides of the hydrant. Typically, 2 plastic color signs are placed on the fire hydrant one on each side of the hose nozzles so that you can identify flow from either side of the fire hydrant when approaching. These signs come in the NFPA 291 standard colors; blue, green, orange and red.


Key Features:

  • UV, weather and tear resistant.
  • Can be made reflective also
  • Has a 3-year durability rating. (under proper usage)
  • Cost Effective compared to other methods.

NFPA Color Coding Sign Sheet.pdf

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