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BEACON-4-LIFE Promotional Video.


Get the latest and greatest technology in electronic road flares. Designed by Danny Vartan a fire fighter with many years of on the job experience. At first, Danny was determined to invent a light that would prevent serious injury and death to First Responders when they were engaged in emergency responses at night. It did not take long for Danny to realize that his product would protect many others in addition to First Responders. He realized that the incendiary strike flare, that has been used for many years, is now out of favor and use by many emergency service departments. It is outdated technology, bad for the environment, poses a risk of fire, burns to skin, often damages clothes and shoes of First Responders who use them and can damage the tires of vehicles that ran over them after they are spent. Danny invented the BEACON-4-LIFE to provide advanced warning of an emergency scene or other roadside emergency such as a flat tire or mechanical breakdown in order to warn oncoming drivers away in the same way that traditional incendiary strike flares have done for many decades only now, we are using a much safer and eco-friendly state of the art LED lighting technology. This product is a great tool for fire departments, law enforcements, public work utility crews, construction crew, road side safety tow trucks and many more.


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