Fire Truck Piston Intake Valve.

Fire truck piston intake valves now offered by Municipal Depot.


Piston intake valves are a great add to any fire truck pumper intake control panel. They are place on the intake side so that the fireman can open and close the intake port with minimum water loss. We offer the Harrington, Inc. piston intake valves by AWG-Fire one of the leading manufacturers of fire equipment in the industry. This stainless piston intake is equipped with a relief valve and features an integrated 30-degree elbow to help relieve tension on the connected hose.


Additional feature includes a 250-psi field adjustable pressure relief valve in increments of 25 degrees from 75-250 psi. Choose from a variety of sizes of Storz or NH connections.

The piston intake valve by Harrington Inc. has minimal friction loss at 1000 gpm it has a friction loss of 2.30 psi. The
H500S series and H1000 series have a five (5) year corrosion manufacturers warranty.



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