Municipal Depot K3 Fire Hydrant Lock

Municipal Depot offers the K3 Fire Hydrant Lock


The K3 Fire Hydrant Lock was designed to secure fire hydrants from being illegally operated by unauthorized users. The K3 lock is an affordable option that allows you the use of existing pad locks and keys that are currently used in existing setups. The K3 Fire hydrant lock can easily be installed in less than 5 minutes protecting your hydrant from unlawful or suspicious operations. Each K3 Fire Hydrant Lock is proudly made in the USA of quality materials and workmanship.


Most water authorities are unaware of how much water theft that happens within their own jurisdiction. Typically, most illegal hook ups happen in rural or unattended areas. These illegal hook ups can cost tax payers millions in loss revenue a year not to mention the potential harm if something is back flowed into the system. If you are a water authority or water department looking for fire hydrant security, look no further than K3 Fire Hydrant Lock offered to you by Municipal Depot.  Our fire hydrant lock can be moved from hydrant to hydrant because it’s not specific to any one fire hydrant saving you money and time.


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