The BEACON-4-LIFE Portable Warning Light System

The BEACON-4-LIFE Portable Warning Light System


The BEACON-4-LIFE can assist fire, EMS, police, utility & construction crews, road side maintenance crews and towing companies. It can provide advanced warning of an emergency scene, construction work zones, utility crew working ahead and many more.



Like most traditional road flares, they’re considered pyrotechnic devices. Did you know that if they are not properly used or stored; they can be harmful to people and the surrounding environments? Road flares can burn at temperatures of up to 1450 °C or 2650 °F once they are in use. The potential for a fire hazard is even more so in dry conditions with the road flares. They burn at high temperatures and can be dangerous to the surrounding environments if left unattended.  Road flares have been known to leave burn marks on road surfaces from the leftover pieces. Typically, road flares when ignited produce a hazardous smoke while burning which can possibly irritate the eyes, nose, and the air ways of an individual. Typically, traditional road flares only last between 15-45 mins depending on certain conditions.


The BEACON-4-LIFE uses a much safer and eco-friendly and state-of-the-art LED lighting technology. BEACON-4-LIFE is revolutionizing the way traffic is directed at emergency scenes, construction work zones, vehicle breakdowns and much more. The BEACON-4-LIFE is approved for: Class 1, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D Hazardous Locations. Each BEACON-4-LIFE light stick includes a base plate, traffic cone ring, and Duracell batteries.



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Optional accessories and comes in different options of color variations.

Wand Light Adapter
Magnetic Adapter
Traffic Cone Adapter
Color Options