Keep your prime when drafting with our Foot Valve Strainer

Drafting Foot Valve Strainer with Check Valve


The FVS from Municipal Depot is a great addition to your fire department. The Foot Valve Strainer has a built-in check valve that can be used to help maintain your prime so you don’t need to completely draw a vacuum again. The strainer check valve closes when drafting stops, thereby keeping the hose filled with water from the strainer up. Used in the correct application, this device can drastically increase water relay time, as well as providing an overall means of straining the incoming water to keep debris out.


The Foot Valve Strainer is Made in the USA from 6061 Aluminum heat treated to a T-6 and having a hardcoat anodized finish providing abrasion resistance for years of service.


Many sizes available for your application, contact us and to speak with a representative about ordering yours today.


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