Roadway Safety and how to become more visible!


Roadway safety is an important part of the job for a police officer and their survival. Did you know that motor vehicle-related incidents are a leading cause of line-of-duty deaths for law enforcement officers in the United States?


An emergency vehicle is equipped with lights and decals that are visible to oncoming traffic. The vehicle is typically positioned in a way to be able to add a buffer to the scene; whether it’s a traffic stop, accident, construction, road hazard, broken down vehicle or more. However, what about the emergency personnel moving around? Most emergency responders are away from their emergency vehicle without proper lighting to give drivers better awareness. That puts a much higher risk of those emergency responders either being injured or possibly losing their lives. Ask yourself, do you feel safe at traffic stops, accidents, road hazards, or assisting with a broken-down vehicle?



[From 2006-2019, 809 officers died due to motor vehicle related incidents. (Reference article – Law Enforcement Officer Motor Vehicle safety | NIOSH | CDC)]


[From 2006-2019, 132 officer line-of-duty deaths due to being struck by a vehicle (Reference article – Law Enforcement Officer Motor Vehicle safety | NIOSH | CDC)]


[In 2020 – Forty-four officers were killed in traffic related incidents during 2020, compared to 43 over the same period the previous year, resulting in a 2% increase. Of the forty-four traffic-related fatalities, 18 were automobile crashes involving a collision with another vehicle, eight were single vehicle crashes, 15 were struck while on the side of the road, and three involved a motorcycle crash. (Reference article –]


Having the proper tool can help protect officers better while on scene, Municipal Depot offers a solution to accomplish that goal. Weather and road conditions are some factors that go into low visibility for some drivers. We offer The Guardian Angel Safety Device, which is a personal beacon that’s wearable and it increases the chances of being seen. This device comes in various colors and configurations, it has a wide range of accessories and mounting options. The Guardian Angel device is a universal tool that you can mount on a patrol bike, in your vehicle or even on the outside of your vehicle showcasing various uses. It utilizes a magnet that allows you to attach it to most surfaces that are metal. If you would like more information, please feel free to visit our website at Guardian Angel device – Municipal Depot.



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