Wearable safety lights designed for durability.

Municipal Depot now offers the Guardian Angel wearable safety light. This devices has been trusted by over 5000 organizations worldwide. The Guardian Angel light is designed to give you visibility on your person while on scene. Guardian Angel light is a durable, light weight and water proof device that can be used in all conditions. It uses a unique magnet mounting so it can be mounted from surface to surface with ease, additional accessories are available for purchase. If you are a fire fighter, police officer, construction worker, utility worker this device is for you. There are many uses and professions this device can be used in the Guardian Angel light system is versatile.


If you would like more information please contact Municipal Depot at 469-563-2660 or email us at [email protected] and we would be happy to quote your organization.



Guardian Angel Light Law Enforcement Edition Model MDELT-RB Spec Sheet