Connect to a fire hydrant quickly with storz hydrant adapters

Storz Hydrant Adapters, a quick connection to your fire hydrant.


Storz Hydrant Adapters are designed to provide fire departments a quick access to fire hydrants in the time of need. Department with reduced man power can benefit from this the most in connecting up to a fire hydrant. Typical hydrant bags contain adapters that are threaded on at the fire scene which take time to connect if the clock is ticking in saving life or property. Our Storz Hydrant Adapters become a permanent part of the hydrant system having it attached on the fire hydrant prior to arrival on scene. No need to search for the right adapter, reduce cross threading, also an added benefit can Storz Hydrant Adapters can help with improving your ISO ratings. If you are a fire department, Water Department or other related user and looking to start purchasing storz hydrant adapters contact Us today for you pricing.


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