Ballistic Shield Lighting


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Taker R40, B30 and B50 Shield Lights mount to the front of ballistic shields via industrial strength re-closable fasteners (Velcro®), which means no drilling into the shield and no compromising shield ballistics.


Powerful LEDs

Strobe-capable shield lights provide tactical officers with panoramic lighting for immediate situation assessment – to see and respond faster. This is helpful in close quarters like hallways and doorways.



Pressure switch activates the light and changes modes.
Turbo-strobe™ option varies LED frequency and is used to disorient individuals when necessary.

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Compare Ballistic Shield Lighting

Taker R40 Riot Shield LightTaker B10 Shield LightTaker B30 Ballistic Shield LightTaker B50 Ballistic Shield Light
Continuous On,
Momentary, Continuous On Low/High, Turbo-Strobe™Momentary, Continuous On, Turbo-Strobe™Momentary, Continuous On, Turbo-Strobe™
650 Lumens70-380 Lumens600 Lumens1000 Lumens
Compact, retrofittable light, designed to mount to the inside of clear Polycarbonate and Lexan™ riot shieldsHandheld tactical flashlight or shield mounted light, designed to mount to the top or side of ballistic shieldsLowest profile, dual row of LEDs, retrofittable, aftermarket shield light for ballistic shieldsMost popular and powerful retrofittable, aftermarket shield light for ballistic shields