Some of the popular brands we offer

Please see below a select list of brands that we distribute for. These companies are industry leaders and have an established following in the marketplace.

  • Action Coupling
  • Astro Optics
  • Flamefighter
  • FoxFury Lighting Solutions
  • Guardian Angel Light System
  • Harrington Inc.
  • Lakeside Plastics
  • McGard Security products
  • PSS Innovations for Safety
  • Rawhide Custom Length Fire Hose
  • Rayovac/Energizer
  • Rodon Hydrant Security
  • S&H Products
  • South Park Corporation
  • StoveTop FireStop
  • Supply Box LLC


To view the available manufacturers catalog please click here : Product Catalogs Available By Brand


If you are a manufacturer and would like Municipal Depot to distribute your product line please contact us at [email protected] or call us at 469-563-2660.