Information Update

Connect to a fire hydrant quickly with storz hydrant adapters

September 25, 2021
Storz Hydrant Adapters, a quick connection to your fire hydrant.   Storz Hydrant Adapters are designed to provide fire departments a quick access to fire hydrants in the time of need. Department with reduced man power can benefit from this the most in connecting up to a fire hydrant. Typical hydrant bags contain adapters that

Safer Incidents With Portable Scene Lights

September 19, 2021
Safer Incidents With Portable Scene Lights   The unfortunate reality of public safety is that accidents and incidents happen at all hours of the day and in some of the most inconvenient locations. Drunk people leave the bar and drive into a lake at 2am. People fall asleep at night with candles burning next to

Roadway Safety and how to become more visible!

July 25, 2021
  Roadway safety is an important part of the job for a police officer and their survival. Did you know that motor vehicle-related incidents are a leading cause of line-of-duty deaths for law enforcement officers in the United States?   An emergency vehicle is equipped with lights and decals that are visible to oncoming traffic.

Wearable safety lights designed for durability.

July 9, 2021
Municipal Depot now offers the Guardian Angel wearable safety light. This devices has been trusted by over 5000 organizations worldwide. The Guardian Angel light is designed to give you visibility on your person while on scene. Guardian Angel light is a durable, light weight and water proof device that can be used in all conditions.

Nomad Scene Lights for a Safe Fireground

June 16, 2021
Nomad Scene Lights for a Safe Fireground In 2019, nearly 40% percent of all firefighter injuries, occurred at the fireground. – NFPA Journal   4,765 of these injuries on the fireground are slips, trips, and falls. When working scenes at night, scene lighting creates a safer working area so injuries can be prevented.   FoxFury Nomad

Municipal Depot launches its online store.

June 4, 2021
Municipal Depot it excited to announce it has launched its online store to help better serve its customers. We are using Shopify a well known ecommerce platform that provides a secured online shopping experience through the website.   We are able to provide you an easier 24 hour access to ordering after hours of our

StoveTop FireStop range hood suppression

June 3, 2021
Municipal Depot offers The StoveTop FireStop brand which has been protecting residential kitchens from the devastating effects of cooking fires since 1972. Cooking fires remain the number one cause of residential structure fires, with unattended cooking cited as the leading cause of these fires. With StoveTop FireStop, customers report an average of 99% reduction in

Command + Tilt LED Headlamp/ Helmet Light by FoxFury

May 31, 2021
Municipal Depot offers FoxFury Lighting Solutions to it’s customers.   Municipal Depot has recently become a distributor for Fox Fury. They’re the leading company for state of the art lighting products. Their products range from the Command + Tilt White LED Headlamp/ Helmet Light to the Scout Clip Lights with white LEDs. These products are

Honoring those on Memorial Day

May 28, 2021
  Municipal Depot would like to take time to honor the brave individuals who gave the greatest sacrifice one can give. With heavy hearts on this day, we also send greatest gratitude to the families of a fallen hero.   If you would like to learn more about Memorial Day please feel free to visit

T.E.D.D – Tactical Electronic Distraction Device

May 26, 2021
THE TACTICAL ELECTRONIC DISTRACTION DEVICE – T.E.D.D. IS FOR USE IN TRAINING, RIOTS, SWAT, CORRECTIONS, STUDENT ALTERCATIONS DURING SCHOOL, CROWD CONTROL, AIR PLANES, BOATS AND MUCH MORE. Operational Duration The T.E.D.D device can operate up-to 60 minutes of continuous Light & Sound. Using multiple units one after another allows for longer duration of Light &