Fire Hydrant Security Solutions

Fire Hydrant Lock Security Solutions (K3 Fire Hydrant Lock)


Is the response time for aide from fire or police a disadvantage when it comes to an illegally used fire hydrant or a running hydrant. Do you experience the loss of water pressure when you need it most? Is the loss of revenue due to illegal fire  hydrant hook ups becoming a nuisance?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then the K3 Fire Hydrant Lock may be the solution you’re looking for


Municipal Depot offers fire hydrant locks (K3 Fire Hydrant Lock) that help you manage access to your fire hydrants by using a special operating nut guard and wrench to remove the operating nut guard. This new operating nut guard becomes a working part of your fire hydrant. No need to remove this product once installed; unless you’re going to maintenance the fire hydrant.




K3 Locks highlight these features

  • Control water access and usage
  • Easy installation and operation
  • No modifications needed to existing (hydrants)
  • Fits virtually all hydrant styles
  • Machined from alloy steel and ductile iron
  • Operating wrench comes equipped with a standard fireman’s tool and McGard operating key head
  • Environmentally sealed and electroplated to resist the elements
  • Heavy duty models available for some hydrant types, contact us for further information on this item.

Our Hydrant Locks come in any make and model as long as it has 1 1/2″ pentagon nut. Padlock sold separately.


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