Flashlights for the toughest environments

Rayovac provides a wide range of portable lights and flashlights. We provide a couple of their top leading names of flashlights through out distribution. Rayovac flashlights are know in the industry for a rugged tough exterior for all occasions. Just to name a few styles we sell would be the all but popular Virtually Indestructible flashlights.


Virtually Indestructible

Virtually Indestructible lights offer bright, long lasting light with a lifetime guarantee and impressive drop test.

Key factors about the Virtually Indestructible flashlights

  • Water Resistant
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • LED
  • Tactical On/Off control
  • Type II anodized aluminum alloy body for tough situations.


Rayovac Beast Flashlight 2000 lumens,Outdoor Essentials

Whether your heading for the hills, woods, lake or dessert these lights are what you would want with you. Providing a high performance LED these bright lights will get you the light you need.

Key factors about the Outdoor Essentials flashlights

  • Water Resistant
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Designed in the USA
  • Powerful LED’s
  • Robust aluminum body.