K3 Fire Hydrant Lock

K3 Fire Hydrant Lock

The K-3 Fire Hydrant Security Lock was designed and engineered to provide municipalities water distribution security. Its able to deter unauthorized personnel in accessing a fire hydrant’s operating nut and using the hydrant as an inlet connection. The K3 fire hydrant lock is adaptable to any hydrant that has a 1 1/2 pentagon operating nut. This lock is great for rural areas or even within urban settings. It can also be used on pipe lines that have a 1 1/2 pentagon shaped operating nut. Build of quality craftmanship this device is Made in the USA.



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Component Information and Specifications:

  • A ductile iron 1 1/2″ pentagon operating nut extension with a stainless steel swivel hasp mounts to the hydrants 1 1/2″ op nut.

  • A heavy tubular steal outer shell that completely encloses the inner op nut extension except for the padlock hasp that protrudes through an opening in the top. When installed both the shell and the hasp swivel freely and individually.

  • Assembled, the K3 Fire Hydrant lock measures 3″ in diameter overall and 6 1/4″ high to the top of the swivel hasp.

Added Feature:

To quickly assist first responders in locating and identifying the K3 security lock during night time and adverse weather conditions, the K3’s outer shell is provided with a 2″ wide, 360 degree visibility silver/white reflective tape band. In addition, and provided as an option, color bands (2″ wide) indicating hydrant flow rates are available and will be positioned beneath the existing silver/white reflective band.

  • Blue for 1500 GPM or more

  • Green for 1000 – 1499 GPM

  • Orange for 500 – 599 GPM

  • Red for below 500 GPM

  • Black/Red for “out of service” notification