Fire Hydrant Out of Service Signs

Fire Hydrant Out of Service Signs

Fire Hydrant Out of Service Rings, Hydrant out of Service RingsMunicipal Depot’s “OUT OF SERVICE” hydrant out of service sign rings are the most efficient way to identify out-of-service hydrants. Our Out of Service hydrant sign rings have various inner opening diameters to accommodate a range of fire hydrant port nozzle sizes. The rigid plastic used to make hydrant Out of Service sings cannot be torn by hand making them tamper-proof and durable. The plastic color cannot be scratched or worn away keeping the color coding permanent and long lasting.


To use an OUT OF SERVICE fire hydrant sign ring Simply slip a durable plastic “OUT OF SERVICE” hydrant sign over the large or small diameter of the waterway outlet nozzle when you discover the outage. The brightly-colored fire hydrant Out of Service sign quickly lets fire and water department crews know that this fire hydrant is OUT OF SERVICE”. (also these come in reflective for easy  identification at night)



Fire Hydrant Out of Service Rings, Hydrant out of Service Rings“Fire Department Use Only” fire hydrant signs warn of unauthorized use and potential penalty for theft. and also identify who has authorized access to the fire hydrants when needed.

Our Fire Department Use Only signs also come in reflective material, so that they can be easily identified at night.








Fire Hydrant Out of Service Rings, Hydrant out of Service RingsFire Hydrant signs for NFPA 291 Flow Ratings – Our NFPA color Fire hydrant signs are the most efficient and economical way to identify hydrant flows per the NFPA 291 Standard. Color coding gives you the understanding of the hydrant’s flow. It is important to know the flow of your hydrant to make sure you have the most adequate resource available to you during the time of need. Purchasing our plastic Fire Hydrant rings gives you the ability to save time and create less of an environmental impact from painting hydrants that can chip or fade over time. Color Code your hydrant system for a fraction of the cost.

Our NFPA pressure rating color coded signs come in the standard colors: Blue, Green, Orange and Red. The Hydrant Rings are made from a durable long-lasting UV and weather resistant plastic.


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Color CLASS GPM Flow Flow Remarks
BLUE AA 1500 GPM or more Flow Very good flow
GREEN A 1000-1499 GPM Flow Good for residential areas
ORANGE B 500-999 GPM Flow Marginally adequate
RED C Below 500 GPM Flow Inadequate

Material Information:

HDPE Plastic – has a 2 year out door durability and has a service operating temperature from -50°F to 180°F.

Engineer grade reflective sheeting – has a 10 year out for durability and has a service operating temperature from -10°F to 150°F, ASTM D4956, Type 1, Class 1.