Road Barricades – Traffic Control

Road Barricades are designed to control traffic from gaining entry and also directing traffic to the proper flow. Road Barricades are also used to block roads that have hazardous conditions such as flooding, construction zones, traffic accidents and more. Our road barricades that we offer are crashworthy and MUTCD compliant.


Type of Barricades that we offer at the following:



Anchor Mast Type III Barricade

Anchor® Mast® Type III Barricade System consists of three components: Anchor Base, Mast Upright, and PSS Wave® Centerboard.

The Anchor® Mast® Type III Barricade System has now been tested to the rigors of MASH requirements and the Federal Highway Administration has issued a letter of eligibility, which may be viewed in the "Resources" section of this page. 

F&A Frame Type I/II Barricade

Our F&A-Frame™ Type I and II Barricade is the most versatile A-Frame Barricade on the market. F&A-Frame™ Barricade functions as either a Type I or Type II Barricade. As F&A-Frame is hollow, users can internally ballast it with sand.

LaneGard 3 Folding Type III Barricade

LaneGard 3® Folding Type III Barricade folds for transport and storage, and unfolds for quick deployment. One person can unfold LaneGard in seconds, and close a road in a few minutes. LaneGard is ideal for emergency road closures. Unique, one-piece design that folds for transport and storage, and unfolds for deployment, sets up and tears down in seconds. Tested to Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH) Guidelines. FHWA Eligibility Letter WZ-336.

MVP Vertical Panel

​Our MVP Vertical Panel is the ideal choice of TTC device when space is limited. And, MVP can be put to several uses: as a channelizer to direct traffic or as a barricade to divide lanes. Meets MUTCD Standards for length and width of sheeting, as well as overall sheeting minimum of 270". Manufactured from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, with UV inhibitors, for longer-life and durability


SafetyRail is a continuous, interlocking device, and meets ADA guidelines and MUTCD 2009 Edition Standards as a sidewalk closure barricade or longitudinal channelizer device. Tested to Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH) Guidelines, Test Level 3. FHWA Eligibility Letter WZ-359. Designed for use with PSS Wave Centerboards or Guide Rail, which are notched to keep stay in place


Wave Centerboard was designed with Anchor Mast Upright for a close-tolerance system. Wave Centerboard mirrors Anchor Mast Upright. Wave Centerboard is blow-molded from UV-stablized high density polyethylene plastic (HDPE), Available in 4', 6' and 8' lengths. Retro-reflective sheeting for Wave meets all state and federal specifications, and is available in Engineer, Hi-Intensity and Diamond grades.