Sight Glass Adapters for Drafting

Sight Glass for Drafting Operations

Drafting is critical to fire fighting in areas were there is a limited water source. Typically when drafting a dark colored PVC hose known as a hard suction hose is used. These hoses are slightly transparent which makes it difficult to see through at times and is hard to gauge the flow of water going through.


PVC hard suction hose
PVC hard suction hose for drafting.


Sight Glass is a great tool to use when Drafting this diverse product lets you see the quality and quantity of the water you are drafting through a clear acrylic tube. The sight glass can be placed on a dry hydrant system or at the intake on a truck. This is a great addition to any fire department that drafts or does mutual aid for areas that draft.


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Item Specifications.

  • Made from light-weight high impact resistant acrylic tubing and 6061-T6 hard-coat aluminum
  • Available in sizes 2-1/2” to 6”
  • Swivel female to male connections
  • Use for drafting purposes only

Here is a video of the Sight Glass in Operation.

In this video you can see the sight glass in operation, the flow is able to be seen through the fitting to give you a visual perspective of your flow during operation.  (Credits for video Water Supply Innovations LLC, courtesy of Henry A. Lovett Jr.)