Spanner Wrenches and Hydrant Wrenches

Spanner Wrenches and Hydrant Wrenches

Spanner wrenches are used to secure adapters and other various fittings when connecting them together. Spanner wrenches come in a variety of styles and materials such as iron casting, aluminum and brass. When using spanner wrenches make sure you match the correct sizing to the adapter or fitting so that you don’t damage the lugs.


Pocket Spanner Wrench

Pocket Spanner Wrenches are designed to easily go with you on scene without the hassle of carrying a bulky wrench in areas that are hard to access. Pocket spanner wrenches come in two types of materials brass and zinc.



Adjustable Fire hydrant wrenchAdjustable Hydrant Wrench

Fire Hydrant adjustable wrenches are important to the Water Departments and Fire Departments ability to operate a fire hydrant. The Adjustable hydrant wrench is designed to work with various operating nut styles that are outfitted on each hydrant. Most Hydrant  wrenches made are adjustable so that it can be used on more than one size fire hydrant. Adjustable hydrant wrenches are made of a zinc plated steel bar and an aluminum head that are threaded onto the steel bar.

Material: Steel Bar Zinc Plated with Casted Aluminum head.